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GetThatTech is a technology blog visited by the vast majority of readers. Most of our readers are from tier-1 countries.

We have affinities with technology, smartphones, apps, movies, animes, gadgets, and many more.

Advertising on GetThatTech will help in getting your brand and products eyeballs from an engaged and tech-savvy audience.

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Want to Connect With Us?

Let’s first see the services we provide and also how you can connect with us.

We provide the following advertising opportunities to app developers, sellers, publishers, and brands:-

1. Paid App Reviews

We publish paid mobile app reviews on our official blog site. And if you want us to review your Android or iOS mobile application, then please write to us at

2. Sponsored Posts

We also publish sponsored posts from brands and companies which are interested in content marketing.

We publish articles specific to our core content categories which include technology, smartphones, gadgets, and software development.

Please note that the sponsored posts will be clearly labeled in a way for clearly indicates to the reader that they are viewing sponsored content.

3. Display Ads

When it comes to displaying ads, at GetThatTech we support the following ad formats on our website:

  • 728×90 Banner
  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle
  • 336×280 Large Rectangle
  • 120×600 Skyscraper

4. Paid Editorial Reviews

We also undertake paid editorial reviews of various technology products and services.

Why Should You Choose Us Over Other Similar Advertising Companies?

Well the reasons why you should choose us are discussed below:-

  • Highly Aimed Ad Campaigns

Our ad campaigns are highly aimed at all tech developers. You get access to numerous software professionals who use our network of technical publishers day-to-day!

  • Reach Engaged Developers

When you run a campaign with us, your ads are outstandingly displayed on important developer resources and tools, which makes you easily achieve your solution to reach real software developers.

  • Audiences

We have audiences from multiple fields, which include the following:-

  • Software developers
  • Gadgets developers
  • Students from different fields
  • Security & privacy engineers

How to Advertise?

To advertise on our site or learn more about any of the services mentioned above, feel free to contact us at We’ll be available 24/7 to serve you.

You can also contact us for business tips, enquiries, and suggestions at the above-mentioned mail address.

In conclusion, we have helped tons of marketers reach their desired developers and achieve their advertising goals. Thus, our site will be helpful for you to advertise your services to a larger population.