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GetThatTech is a recent website that was developed solely for making technology beneficial for our readers in the truest sense.

It is for everyone interested in reading and learning about tech updates, news, technology, smartphones, anime, travel and more. If it is anything related to technology, then you can rely on us to solve your problems.

Our audience includes both techies and non-techies who belong to numerous industries, which makes it the right place for guest-posting for tech companies and businesses.

Why Guest Post With Us?

We appreciate both new and experienced bloggers and businesses with good and valuable content for publishing their content with us. And in return, we promote your content on our website and all our social media channels.

With GetThatTech, you can reach out to a larger audience who are eagerly waiting to read great tech content. You can write to us about Technology, Smartphones, Laptops and anything about technology.

Guidelines for Guest Post Submission:-

We accept guest posts, but we have strict restrictions in accepting the works. If any of these guidelines are not followed, then your article will be rejected.

These are the guidelines for the submission of the guest post:-

1. The article should have at least 800 words with the necessary headings and subheadings for providing additional value.

2. Make sure that the article is free from any grammatical and spelling errors.

3. The Article must be completely original, relevant and plagiarism free. And if any content is found to be copied or duplicated, then the article will be rejected.

4. The article should not have been published anywhere else including your blog too.

5. Ensure that the title of your article is Attractive and has less than 60 characters.

6. The article must have at least 2 images with HD quality of 1200×628 or more. All the images must be original or licensed.

7. You must also add relevant links and a short author bio in your post.

8. We are very selective about the articles we publish. Thus, your writing must be well-written, interesting, unique and informative.

These are the 8 guidelines that the guest authors must follow. And violating any of the above rules will not be suitable for guest authors. And we will reject the articles if required.

Types of Articles That We Accept

At GetThatTech.com, we welcome guest posts on various topics and niches, such as:-

  • iOS and macOS 
  • Gaming 
  • Gadgets
  • Reviews 
  • PC or Laptops
  • How To’s
  • Top 10s Guide on Various Topics
  • Cryptocurrency

These are the 7 categories that our website owns, and we accept guest posts on these and a few other similar topics.

And if you are proficient in writing content on any of the above topics, then you can definitely send your pitches.

Then, we will measure everything before publishing your article on our website, so be alert to that. And do not send any outdated or copied content.

Benefits of Guest Posting:-

Why should you spend your valuable time writing and submitting articles to us? 

Well, there are many benefits to that, and a few of them are as follows:- 

  1. Getting good traffic
  2. Relation building
  3. Earning strong inbound links 
  4. Expanding your website’s authority
  5. Better and improved Google Search Results
  6. Enhancement in your content writing skills

These are the benefits of guest posting with us. There are many other benefits, but we have just listed the major ones.

How to Submit an Article for Guest Posts?

We will be very pleased if you contribute content for us. And to get your Blog posted on GetThatTech.com, you will have to first pitch us an article and showcase your writing skills and abilities.

Be free to mail us at getthattechdotcom@gmail.com with the following information:-

• Author Bio

• Article

• Relevant Image

And have your email Subject as “Guest Post Submission”.

In case you have any queries related to guest posting at GetThatTech.com, do let us know by the ‘Contact Us form or by just sending a mail to getthattechdotcom@gmail.com.