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10 Minute Mail Alternatives: 10 Best Temp Emails Services

The internet has become an essential component of everyday life in the modern world. From online banking to ordering meals, from online shopping to purchasing movie tickets, everything is now done online. However, the majority of these tasks need your email address.

We are often reluctant to share our email addresses due to various safety concerns or just because we don’t want junk emails filling up our inboxes. But most of the time we are left with only 2 options

  • Share Email ID to process
  • Keep your ID safe by not proceeding further

10 Minute Mail is helpful in situations like these.

What is 10 Minute Mail?

10 Minute Mail is described as a temporary and disposable email address and inbox that you can use temporarily and anonymously.

10 Minute Mail

If you need to sign-up for some website you wish to use only once or an application for that matter, you can use 10 Minute Mail.

It will generate a fake and anonymous email ID which will get automatically destroyed after 10 minutes.

Why Do We Need 10 Minute Mail Alternatives?

While it is pretty convenient, it also has its disadvantages. But its downside is the 10 minutes time restriction, in case you forget to download some documents or attachments, or they get lost somehow, you won’t be able to download them again.

Also, the 10 minutes may or may not be extended which might hamper your work. Even if you set the timer, you will only get 10 minutes. The email addresses are randomly generated and you have no choice in that. Hence, we have a list of 10 Minutes Mail Alternatives you can use for better results.

10 Minute Mail Alternatives: List of 10 Best Disposable Email Services

Unlike a normal email, you can’t access your 10-Minute Mail inbox again. So if you lose your information, it is lost forever.

Thankfully, many alternatives to 10 Minute Mail provide the same functions and much more. For your convenience, we have compiled a list for you.

1. Guerrilla Mail

If you are looking for a disposable email that has been around for a long time and is greatly trusted by its users, then you can’t overlook Guerrilla Mail. It is the oldest website provider of temporary email addresses.

It has been around since the 1990s but works perfectly to date. The best part of Guerrilla Mail is that, unlike 10 Minute Mail, the email address generated from it is active for 1 hour.

Here your email address will end with @sharkslaser.com. You also get to choose an alternative username if the primary doesn’t seem good enough to you. 

The fun feature here is that you can send and receive personal messages.

2. Mailinator

Another old and trustworthy temporary email generator is Mailinator. The layout of the website is quite easy to navigate.

The site provides access for up to a few hours while suggesting ID names for you to use. It comes with both free and paid subscriptions.

3. Temp Mail

While 10 Minute Mail provides you with an anonymous email address, it does not safeguard your private information. It collects your information which might even include your IP address.

Temp Mail is the best alternative if you are looking for a temporary email address that guarantees the safety of your private data.

Temp Mail’s privacy policies state that it does not store your IP address, avoiding the risk of any activity getting traced back to you. You can use Temp Mail for just 10 minutes or use it until you close your browser.

It also has the feature of accessing your inbox through the phone by scanning a QR code especially given for your email address.

4. Mail Drop

Mail Drop is quite similar to Mailinator except for the fact that Mail Drop has only one domain-maildrop. cc. You won’t get any other options to choose from.

You can choose your email address but not the domain name. Similar to Mailinator, Mail Drop is also very fast in setting up your email address. It does not ask you to create an account to create disposable email addresses.

Your account remains active till there is traffic but you can only access the last ten messages; the rest will be deleted automatically. If you are looking for a spam-free experience, Mail Drop suits you.

5. GetAirMail

GetAirMail is another alternative to 10 Minute Mail which is very easy to use. To get an email address, simply click on the ‘Get Temporary Email’ present in the center of the website and you will be taken to a randomly generated inbox.

There you can change the email address to your wish and even include unique domain names like @vomoto.com.

6. Fake Mail Generator

Another handy temporary email address generator is Fake Mail Generator which does justice to its name. It creates fake addresses which you can use for registration app logins etc.

Their service is pretty fast and easy to use. Random email addresses are automatically generated which can be changed later.

7. Dispostable

While Dispostable might is not on top of the list of best alternatives to 10 Minute Mail due to its lack of popularity; it can hold its own against other options.

Like every other website on this list, Dispostable also allows you to generate fake email addresses as long as they end with @dispostable.com. But the best part of it is that the email addresses last for three days.

Three whole days! Another advantage is that the messages on this address are not deleted, they are stored on Dispostable’s platform for months. You can access it and read them later at your disposal.

8. MinuteInBox

MinuteInBox is very similar to 10-Minute Mail which makes it easy and familiar to use. Your email address is automatically generated the moment you enter its website. MinuteInBox gives you full control over the longevity of your account.

In general, the account stays active for as long as you want, but in case it nears expiry and you wish to extend its time, you have the option for that as well.

9. AnonBox

A new addition to the alternatives to 10 Minute Mail, AnonBox’s main objective is to provide you with full anonymity so that you can quickly receive important documents and other information without the risk of intrusion from any third party.

If you are not satisfied with the current privacy measures, you can add another layer by using Tor to create and access your inbox. Unlike 10 Minute Mail, your account on AnonBox remains active for a whole day.

10. YopMail

We have been discussing temporary mail addresses the entire time so, let’s get out of that and into YopMail.

Yes, it gives you a fake email address and guarantees the privacy and security of your personal data, but the greatest part is that your mail ID will be active forever.

Summing Up

Let’s move forward from the traditional methods and adopt the modern ones for safe and easy services. Disposable email accounts are increasingly becoming crucial in a world of scams, hacking, and identity theft. On any of these websites, make a fake, anonymous, or even a temporary email address to protect your data, and you’re good to go.


How long do temporary emails last?

A few hours to a few days depending on the site being used.

Which is the best temporary mail site?

The most popular and dependable site is FakeMail.

Are temporary mail detectable?

They aren’t easily detectable unless strong software is used.

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