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Mysterium VPN Review: A Next Gen VPN?

Mysterium VPN is a peer-to-peer decentralized VPN network. It is a VPN built using Web 3 technologies, which is a new technological advancement in the realm of Blockchain and Daaps.

Mysterium is an open-source platform containing tools and infrastructure for the Liberated web.

The nodes are arranged all over the world, such that everything is connected globally. A strong network connection gives people access to all the free information available.

Mysterium VPN

Used for business and builder, it has approximately 13000 active nodes worldwide and a solid network connection over more than 135 countries.

It is a censorship-resistant product that is becoming more liberated daily and works on a borderless web.

A person can join as a customer or provider and include the concepts of cryptocurrency, micropayments, smart contracts, and, most importantly, decentralization of data and networks.

Being an open-source technology, it is open to changes and major development as per the user’s requirements and suggestions.

Factors That Make Mysterium VPN Unique

It has many features that make it unique, thus making it stand out from the existing VPNs in terms of data, speed, security, privacy, and network.

A few of them are listed below in this article which will give you an idea of how Blockchain makes Mysterium VPN a fantastic VPN service platform.

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1. Streaming On A Variety of Platforms

It can unblock every streaming platform that a user can try.

No matter server or location we use, we get the best streaming service with a huge database to entertain ourselves anytime we want.

Locations don’t act like a barrier to restrict our streaming with expected server errors.

Mysterium VPN changes the IP address of the system when we log on with third-party sites, although the countries are subject to change.

Sites like HBO, Hula, and Netflix work quite well using Mysterium VPN. It has Geoblock busting ability which is an amazing thing that only a few VPNs can perform well.

2. High Variable Speed

Mysterium VPN has a high variable speed which is mostly based on the lower end but is sufficient for excellent HD streaming.

The speed is sometimes unpredictable according to many users but is faster than compared with other VPNs available in the market.

The servers provide dependency to the decentralized networks that give us the IPs that we are connected to.

This VPNs local speed is enough for 4k streaming. VPNs slow down during loading and streaming, this is because the concept of encryption is involved which takes time for the server involved to communicate with us and load the media content that we want to see.

Mysterium VPN provides a 13 Mbps speed for the IPs connected further away from it.

Long distances connection to Mysterium VPN is a bit unpredictable and is a domain that is willing to welcome many changes as an open-source project.

However, these speeds are decent enough for HD streaming and casual downloading.

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3. Server Network Connectivity

Being based on a decentralized network, Mysterium VPN has nodes all over the work and transmits data through cryptography in the form of small blocks all combined in an open-source project.

These connected nodes are the user’s nodes and act as a server with a range of locations to choose from. All of it depends on the node providers.

You will be surprised to know that the coverage of Mysterium VPN is spread across 67 locations and covers countries like Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and many more countries.

4. Mysterium VPN and Security

This VPN, in particular, protects you and your data. Although people encounter issues while using Mysterium VPN, it satisfies the users on the security front.

It is the safest VPN on paper available to date using decentralized technology.

Every day browsing and unblocking Netflix could be better and has many legal penalties for it but for using it once in a while; Mysterium VPN is an excellent service.

This VPN’s operation is more transparent than the other VPNs, thus gaining the users’ trust.

Mysterium uses a highly secure WireGuard protocol, making it one of the few dVPNs that tells users which VPN protocols it uses.

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5. Mysterium As A dVPN

It is a decentralized VPN that lets users sell their unused bandwidth.

They operate the dVPN software from their device, and these devices act like a node that is used in Blockchain technology.

Users can choose from their list of nodes and connect to the network depending on their requirements.

Following this system, a peer-to-peer connection is formed. Any central authority does not manage that.

There is no single-point failure by using this VPN, and there is no risk of browsing activities logged or sold.

Hence your activity and data remain safe and secure using a dVPN in the form of Mysterium VPN.

6. Activity Leak Reports

It is an efficient VPN that prevents data leaks by IP Address, DNS, Web RTC, and IPv6.

All these factors are dependent on Node’s reputation. We need to check if a node can safely and securely connect with this VPN.

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Why Go For Mysterium VPN?

Moreover, Mysterium VPN doesn’t work in China, and one connection per IP policy is followed by it.

If we see the device compatibility, Mysterium is compatible with almost all devices except the ios App.

Mysterium VPN is in its early development stages, and then also it has shown its potential as an outstanding dVPN service provider with grace and ever-evolving technology.

If you use a VPN regularly and want to shift to another VPN service, then Mysterium VPN is one of the best options.

The dVPNs are the safest VPNs on paper, and no other VPN can beat the services provided by Mysterium VPN.

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