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NordVPN Review: An Excellent VPN Service?

NordVPN provides the safest and most secure VPN services and is the product of the Cybersecurity Company Nord Security. They serve the users by giving them access to the fastest internet to the user.

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that gives users access to public Wi-Fi hotspots safely. We can protect our identity by hiding our IP address using encrypted tunnels for data transfer.

Users can browse without getting tracked, hiding their identity in general. A VPN changes our IP address and masks our location. It is handy in such an authoritarian region where people don’t have the freedom to express their thoughts.

People should look forward to speed, security, and privacy as the three most important factors when choosing a VPN.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN fulfills all these conditions and is one of the best VPN service providers. The mobile App of NordVPN succeeds any other VPN service provider and functions smoothly.

Minimal services like emails, payment information, and customer service interaction are taken care of by NordVPN, which reduces the load on the servers, making them more flexible and quicker for the user.

It falls outside the surveillance alliance of five eyes, four eyes, and 14 eyes, resulting in NordVPN not surrendering its data to the government.

The concept of shared IP address also comes here that provides more anonymity and the privacy of the online traffic secure.

NordVPN always comes up with new features to protect its customers’ privacy. You will be amazed that Panamas has no laws maintaining data retention.

It has offered Tor over other VPNs, which acts as a plus point over other VPN services.

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Features of NordVPN

There are so many added advantages to NordVPN, which make it stand out among other VPN service providers.

Safety and security are the key features that are pretty basic but are followed so beautifully and effortlessly by NordVPN, making it more trustable and reliable among users.

NordVPN is always in demand because of the amazing services it provides:

Global Presence of NordVPN

It has 5600+ servers in 85 locations over 59 countries and provides state-of-art services to people. The closer to the server we are, the faster our internet connection is.

Even if you are not near any server, there are free packages and paid services where we can have a server connection for traveling.

Panama Headquarter

The headquarters of NordVPN is in the Panama region, which is a star factor here as Panama is outside the five eyes, four eyes, and 14 eyes zone and can work freely with liberty.

Governments can’t ask NordVPN to provide an IP address from its database. Working outside the reach of jurisdiction makes it more unique and highly efficient.

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Availability of Kill Switch

It is useful when our VPN connection is disturbed and we are downloading a very large file. The kill switch stops all the downloading functions or any other running program immediately to prevent our service provider from seeing our IP address and tracking us down.

This means that whenever our VPN connection drops, our internet connection drops immediately making it the internet service provider impossible to track us down and ensure our safety.

Data Usage

We can do whatever we want using a VPN with faster services than ever. It has access to almost all the server data, and things download faster utilizing a VPN.

Using NordVPN, we can indulge in online content how much we want to indulge in it without worrying about safety or security.

Best Encryption by NordVPN

The users’ online activities stay hidden using a VPN, and only authorized users can see what activity we are doing and how. NordVPN beats any other VPN available in the market with its impressive encryption service.

AES with 256 bits key is used, which is surprisingly used by the government and the people who are experts in cyber security services, which proves that this technology is the safest to use.

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Internet Protocols

NordVPN uses not one but two internet protocols that are IPSec and IKEv2, which ensure security in connections to its servers.

Whenever we lose our WiFi connection, we lose our VPN connection immediately. IKEv2 helps reconnect with the VPN service, whereas IPSec is solely responsible for making encrypted connections on the way with the available devices.

Split Tunneling

In Full tunneling, the data gets encrypted and gets routed through a secure VPN server, thus hiding our IPs on the way.

On the other hand, Split tunneling passes traffic some through the tunnels and the rest passes through the standard database.

This proves helpful when we want to use one server for one app and the other for some other purpose. This does not hinder the user’s ability to do a task on diverse servers.

Double VPN facility

The concept of Double VPN is what makes NordVPN a pro among other VPN service providers.

They provide a double encryption layer to function well, which means double the security.

Our IP address and data are encoded. So even if a hacker or some agency tries to get into one of the security layers, they have to face other layers as well.

Faster Speed

Using a VPN sometimes means the internet speed will be plodding due to several encryption layers.

NordVPN took care of it as well. NordVPN is faster than any other VPNs available in the market and gives tough competition to them.

Though, NordVPN works faster on Aser Aspire 5 than on any other system. However, downloading speed is faster on Mac.

Final Words

Moreover, it is 24/7 customer support which makes it the most efficient VPN service provider ever.

NordVPN is the most versatile and feasible VPN, and its headquarters in Panama is the smartest thing a VPN provider can do.

It qualifies all the periods of sleep and security tests and becomes unique in its way. Users can torrent there easily.

We recommend VPN users try VPN services at their best and get a taste of the state-of-art services it provides to its customers.

For a VPN service provider, investing in security service is a must with its to-the-point execution, which is done by NordVPN efficiently.

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