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The Effect of Mobile Gaming on PC Gaming

Mobile gaming is gaining popularity in the market tremendously. Mobiles are pretty handy and portable which makes the thing easy.

Also, modern smartphones have evolved in powerful software and hardware which gives a better experience to the user.

Yet PCs have a whole other market. They continue to have their roots in the gaming world

Effect of Mobile Gaming on PC Gaming

The PC Experience 

PC gaming has a completely different target audience. While mobiles are portable they do not offer 4k quality, better sound, and big screens that a PC offers.

These big and better features of the PC nearly eradicate the real and virtual differences.  Hence they are better at the quality side.

The gamer community, be it a developed gamer or a beginner always wants to switch to a PC at the end.

With all these perks of PC gaming, there are some factors pulling it back from taking over such as:

  • High prices
  • Immobility
  • Set up requirements

PC users mostly lie in the age group of 24-34. This roughly signifies PCs are commonly used by mature audiences.

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The Mobile Gaming 

Mobile gaming solves mobility and price problems. Smartphones are way cheaper than PC setups. 

They offer portability and mobility. You can play games while traveling, during lunch breaks, in the office, in the car, wherever you want, and whenever you have a little time. 

Mobile games like Call of Duty and free fire are all over the place specifically after the first lockdown. There is a tremendous increase in mobile game users in the age group of 14 to 24. 

Some gaming apps have been earning millions of dollars just with in-app purchases and advertisements. 

Conclusion: Is Mobile Gaming Better than PC Gaming? 

Smartphones and PCs offer completely different experiences with their own pros and cons. It totally depends on the preferences of customers whether they choose quality or convenience. Yet both of them hold their values at different places.

Smartphones can never replace PC gaming experiences and PCs can never replace mobile gaming. They offer their best services to their specific target audience. 

We can also say both can co-exist in the market and even help in building each other. Mobile gaming can be experienced according to its utility and then continued on PC when there is room for set up and time. Both can enhance the fun of games in the Era.

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