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How to Delete Contacts on iPhone

Deleting a single contact on an iPhone is easy, but you must have noticed that deletion of contacts, at the same time is not possible on an iPhone.

It doesn’t matter if the iPhone is of the latest model like iPhone 14 pro max or iPhone 13, users face this issue of deleting many contacts together and may get frustrated at times by it.

How to Delete Contacts on Your iPhone

How to Delete Contacts on Your iPhone

There is nothing to worry about because, by the end of this article, you will know some fantastic tricks to delete single as well as multiple accounts together.

This can be executed by using your Mac or PC. Just follow the steps given below to get quick results!

Method 1: Deleting A Single Contact on iPhone

iPhone provides a user-friendly interface for carrying out simple tasks like deleting a single Contact from your contact list.

We will discuss the steps below for it, but if you want to delete multiple contacts together, you can easily skip to the headings below for deleting multiple contacts using pc or Mac.

iPhone doesn’t provide this feature of simultaneous deletion of multiple Contacts.

Step 1: Go to the contacts App and touch the Contact which you want to delete.

Step 2: Search Edit and click it.

Step 3: Scroll downwards and choose to delete the Contact.

Step 4: Click on delete for confirmation.

Method 2: Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone Using the Mac

The contacts App on Mac made it easier to delete many contacts together from the iPhone. To do this, the user needs to sync their contacts with iCloud.

Method 2.1: Sync Our Contacts With Mac

Install macOS Ventura on your Mac. That is important before going to any further steps. Log in to the System settings and click on your name. Select iCloud and make sure the contacts App is synced with it.

To check whether the Contacts App is synced, we need to open System Preferences on Mac, tap on Apple ID, and then see if the Contacts App is checked.

After following all these steps, you are good to proceed further. Follow the steps given below to delete multiple contacts simultaneously:

Step 1: Go to the Contacts App, open it, and select the All Contacts folder.

Step 2: Select the contacts that you want to delete through your cursor.

Step 3: Contacts that are to be deleted will be highlighted.

Step 4: Now after selecting, right-click and select Delete cards.

Step 5: Select the delete button in the confirmation window.

Step 6: These changes get reflected on your iPhone because of using iCloud.

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Method 2.2: Using A PC to Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts

We can delete our contacts using different types of PCs with iCloud Contacts by logging in to the iCloud App through any browser.

Given below are some simple steps that you can follow to mass delete contacts using a PC:

Step 1: Go to any web Browser on your PC, open the site iCloud.com, and log in to Contacts with your Apple ID.

Step 2: Press the control key and select the contacts for deletion.

Step 3: Find the gear icon and click on delete.

Step 4: For confirmation, click on delete.

Step 5: The changes that you will make to iCloud will get reflected on your iPhone as well.

Method 3: Deleting Contacts All At Once

Mass deletion of contacts will not be nice as all your contacts will be deleted from iPhone and iCloud too. You will not be able to find out your missing contacts after that.

So, to preserve all your contacts and keep them synced in iCloud, you need to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

You can buy another smartphone and then restore your Contacts from the iCloud manager. To set the iPhone by factory settings, select General and click Reset iPhone.

Finally, choose to erase all, then continue. Type the device passcode and confirm.

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Summing Up

Hence all the contact numbers will be deleted from your iPhone but will stay synced inside your iCloud manager. These are some quick ways to delete contacts that can be all, many, or one by using the iCloud App by Apple, and we are sure that you will follow them and execute this task of deleting.

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