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What Does SB Mean in Snapchat? Know It All!

Did you just come across the word SB on your Snapchat? But you don’t know what SB means in Snapchat? That’s completely fine.

Read this post to find out what is Snapchat, its features, famous acronyms’ meanings, and most importantly what SB means on Snapchat.

What Does SB Mean on Snapchat

What Does SB Mean on Snapchat?

In the world of Snapchat and teens, SB means ‘snap back’. It means the user wants you to respond to a ‘snap’ or message they have sent you. Simply speaking, it is the equivalent of ‘reply back’.

For instance, if someone messages you: “Hey, do you know any good places for family dinner? SB quickly”, they are asking for a quick reply to their query. If someone messages you, “Don’t SB,” it means they don’t wish to talk to you.

In reference to Snapstreak, you may receive messages such as “Snapstreak, don’t SB.” This simply means that they are continuing a long Snapstreak or chain of messages but don’t want you to reply to them.

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What are Snapchat’s Features, and Acronyms meaning?

Around the years 2017 and 2018, Snapchat became a rage among teenagers and young adults.

I was in class 12th at that time and I remember everyone sharing snaps with different filters, all of which used to go over my head.

Snapchat overtook Facebook and WhatsApp for some time because of its interesting, beautiful, and, let’s admit, weird filters.

What Does SB Mean on Snapchat
What Does SB Mean on Snapchat

One of the major advantages of Snapchat over any other social media is its feature of ‘disappearing messages.’ Simply speaking, your conversations won’t be recorded and will disappear automatically.

If you are a seasoned user of social media applications, you must be well-acquainted with many acronyms such as LOL, ROFL, OOMF, TTYL, etc.

But for new users (except for teenagers and young adults), any such acronym seems like an alien word.

To add to the burden of knowing these common short forms, Snapchat has its dictionary of acronyms.

For instance, ATM (no, it is not Automated Teller Machine) which means ‘at the moment’, SFS or ‘shoutout for shoutout’, SMH whose full form is ‘shake my head’, and many more.

The list goes on and on. One acronym that pops up a lot and confuses people is SB. Don’t worry; it took me some time to get familiar with it too.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping up with the ever-changing and developing terminology of social media is tough. Most of us are too old or too busy in our lives to pay attention to these simple yet confusing terms.

If you are one such person, you have nothing to worry about. Any time you feel like revisiting the definition and use of SB in Snapchat, you can always consult this short and easy-to-understand article to brush up on your memory. Hope you have a good time SB-ing (replying back) to your friend.

Jeh Dixit
Jeh Dixit
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