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12 Best Alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline in 2024

WatchCartoonOnline was a blessing for all cartoon lovers but it didn’t last that long. The website was shut down due to a copyright dispute which doesn’t seem to be resolved. Now that doesn’t mean that the good times are over.

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

Well, we are here with its best alternatives that will transport you back to your childhood when you used to get up early in the morning to watch your favourite cartoon. The best part is that you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you want.

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

WatchCartoonOnline was one of the best cartoon-steaming sites. Nothing beats the quality and variety of WatchCartoonOnline. It was shut down leaving a big impact on cartoon lovers.

What Happened to WatchCartoonOnline?

Watchcartoononline was one of the best online sites for watching cartoons. Unfortunately, it was shut down due to copyright issues, much to the chagrin of cartoon fans. Despite efforts to prevent fans from viewing their favourite episodes for free, many other streaming services have sprung up to take WatchCartoonOnline’s place.

12 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online in High Quality

Come on, channel your inner child while you get a ride into the cartoon and anime paradise of the online world. Here is a list of some of the best cartoon streaming online sites.

1. YouTube

YouTube is essentially a one-stop hub for all types of content and its free availability contributes to its appeal. From rhymes to jingles and from old-school cartoons to new-age ones, it’s all available here.

YouTube: Best Sites Like WatchCartoonOnline

While all the other websites are completely open to all types of content, YouTube has a special feature that allows you to set it on kid’s mode so that your kids watch only what’s meant for them.

Save to watch later.


  • The child-safe feature makes it stand out
  • Easily available and it won’t even shut down like some websites


  • Parental control
  • Vast selection


  • Ads and distraction
  • Inconsistent release schedules

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll offers Japanese anime, films, and television series. If you’re okay with ads, you can access a good portion of its content for free, but it doesn’t give the entire catalog for free. You can also sign in to keep track of your previous visits.

Crunchyroll Website Screenshot, Alternative to WatchCartoonOnline

Although it offers a premium account which will make you access to all of its content, this has been a great competitor to WatchCartoonOnline.


  • Free content
  • Legal streaming
  • Premium offers- no ads and offline viewing


  • HD Streaming
  • Global availability


  • Limited content for free users
  • Unreliable translations

3. Toonjet

Toonjet is for all of you who are a sucker for free content. The website is developed in such a way that the graphics and records will make you nostalgic.

Toonjet Alternative to Watch Cartoon Online

You don’t even have to register to enjoy all your favourites, but if you do, you get to rate cartoons, comment, and also privately message. So go ahead and have fun; your favourite cartoons are waiting for you.


  • Get to rate and see ratings of shows
  • English dubbed new releases
  • High-quality sound


  • Classic cartoons
  • User-friendly interface


  • HD not available
  • Geographical restrictions

4. AnimeCenter

AnimeCenter is the ideal place for all anime fans. Simply browse the website and watch one of the suggested series on the interface or search for the name in the search box but watching your preferred series is not the end of this site.

Animecentre , best for cartoons

Discuss your favourite programs and fan art, share your thoughts with a huge audience, and vote for your beloved series. You also get to keep track of all the shows you’ve watched. This way you get to make a little anime community of your own.


  • The one-stop destination for building an anime fanbase
  • See other people’s anime artwork
  • Vote for your favourite anime


  • Minimal ads interruptions
  • HD video and subtitles


  • Legal issues
  • Unreliable availability

5. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is a user-friendly website giving you the best quality content possible. All the popular anime movies or series can be easily found here. If you love anime, you should give it a go. You may quickly comment on the episodes and report any faults that arise while using the program.

cartoonOn , watch cartoon online alternative

You can watch your favourite childhood shows like Tom & Jerry Classic,Courage the Cowardly Dog Baby Looney Tunes and many more on Cartoons.on


  • Get access to news and articles on cartoons for a change
  • Comment feature
  • Report faults


  • Engaging content
  • High Quality


  • Not fast loading
  • No subtitles

6. SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons is a doorway to your favourite cartoons from all studios, including Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and Universal Studios. If you want to feel nostalgic watching your childhood cartoons, we highly recommend you give SuperCartoons a try.

SuperCartoons is a similar site like watchcartoononline

SuperCartoons also offers a wide range of new releases.

Sign up now if you love watching Tom chase Jerry, if you adore Daisy Duck’s voice or even if Pink Panther simply makes you laugh. This website also has a large selection of new releases that you can check out.


  • Find all the OG cartoons that won’t fail to make you laugh
  • Frequent new releases
  • Attractive graphics


  • All free content
  • Wide selection of cartoon


  • Excessive ads
  • Lack of subtitles or dubbing

7. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak presents the perfect station for all Anime Freaks. It exposes you to a wide range of HD anime. It contains almost 10,000 anime episodes. Anime Freak has already gained popularity in a variety of countries.

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives : AnimeFreak
AnimeFreak Alternative to WatchCartoonOnline

The best feature is that here you’ll have access to English subtitles or dubbed content. You can also enjoy buffer-free anime by downloading the series through various AnimeFreak downloaders such as WonderFox or TubeOffline.


  • Watch anime with English Subtitles
  • Frequent software updates
  • HD content available


  • Vast anime collection
  • User friendly


  • Copyright issues
  • Ads and pop-ups

8. Cartoon8

Cartoon8 is the hub of many anime series and cartoons. It has a wide variety to offer without even registering. This makes it an awesome alternative to Watch Cartoon Online and offers only a limited amount of ads despite being a free website.

WatchCartoonOnline alternative:cartoon8

We advise to not use Cartoon8 even though you can download series with subtitles from it because it can be unsafe and illegal.


  • Save some money and a lot of time with this free website
  • No irritating pop-ups
  • Fast-loading


  • Limited ads
  • Wide range of cartoon


  • Unreliable availability
  • Low video quality

9. GoGoAnime

GoGo Anime is a free anime streaming site that you can enjoy without spending a penny. There is almost every anime available be it Chinese or Japanese.

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives : GoGoAnime
GoGoAnime Alternative to Watch Cartoons Online

I have personally been using it for a long time and the quality they offer is to die for. You can search for whatever you want to watch on the search bar. (Secret – it has all the episodes of AOT 🤫)


  • Genres – action, drama, kids, fantasy, and romance
  • Both Chinese and Japanese anime are available
  • English dubbed


  • Dubbed content available
  • Easy to browse


  • Legal concerns
  • Frequent takedowns

10. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy holds the most popular spot among anime lovers. The website is dedicated to high-quality cartoon and dubbed anime streaming and includes up to 25000 episodes from a variety of genres.

CartoonCrazy Alternative WatchCartoonOnline.bz

CartoonCrazy also provides a fairly clean and effortless streaming experience. Usually, you won’t have to deal with frustrating pop-ups.

A must-try!


  • Easy streaming without unnecessary pop-ups
  • High-quality video
  • All genres available


  • Family-friendly content
  • Community building


  • Security risk
  • Lack of updates

11. Netflix

Netflix is a well-known OTT platform and even though it doesn’t have a range of anime but it offers sufficient anime movies and shows for you to take advantage of your already existing subscription.

Netflix Alternative of WatchCartoonOnline.tv

The top rankers such as Naruto, Inuyasha, The Seven Deadly Sins and One Piece are available on this platform. Hence you can enjoy some of the popular shows here in case you already have a subscription.


  • The safest option with subtitles
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Easy download option


  • Original content
  • Offline viewing


  • Limited selection
  • Regional restriction due to licensing agreement

12. AnimePahe

AnimePahe has a large database of anime programs and series with reliable subtitles, as well as a range in English making it another alternative for WatchCartoonOnline. A user-friendly amazing interface that makes it simple for consumers to access.

Animepahe to watch cartoon online

The ad count is also pretty low and you can always use different sites to binge a variety of anime shows. So, grab some popcorn and get started.


  • Wide range of anime
  • Low ads count
  • Simple interface


  • Fast streaming and download
  • Multiple video quality options – 720p & 1080p


  • Security risk
  • Possible shutdowns

To all the cartoon lovers and anime freaks, here were our top recommendations for finding an alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. We hope you discover your go-to and enjoy bingeing, whether it’s an old-school cartoon or a new-age anime.

These websites are all surprisingly simple to use and luckily quite addictive. With their refreshing interfaces and low ad counts, they will make your online cartoon-binging journey extremely enjoyable. So, go on and experience the magic with our recommendations.


Are online cartoon sites safe?

The safety varies from site to site. Some free sources may have viruses, so make sure you choose a provider that is completely safe. The websites mentioned above are some of the safest ones on the internet.

Is WatchCartoonOnline Safe?

Yes, WatchCartoonOnline is absolutely safe. The only disadvantage is the number of ads it shows.

Why was WatchCartoonOnline shut down?

Watchcartoononline was shut down due to copyright issues.

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