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10 Best Imginn Alternatives for Instagram Downloading in 2024

Imginn is a free website that lets you download and save Instagram stories. It lets you see the content of Instagram without having to register. And because of this new feature, you can now save different Instagram content such as pictures, videos, stories, and highlights.

Why Do You Need An Imginn Alternative?

Due to Imginn’s compatibility with third-party sites, when using Imginn you cannot be sure about your internet security.

In addition to this, you will also require corporate pages on your profile and agree to all the Imginn terms and conditions of its service.


There are some other limitations too, thus it is good to know its best Imginn alternatives. There are many alternatives to Imginn for downloading Instagram pictures, stories, and videos.

Some of these Instagram downloading services are available for free, while a few others will cost you. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the top 10 alternatives to Immign which are similar but more safe and secure.

Top 10 Imginn Alternatives for Instagram Downloading

Here are the top 10 Imginn alternatives to download stories highlights, photos, and videos which you should try are as follows:-

1. Smihub

Smihub is a popular website, where you can check out any individual’s Instagram stories without being identified and it is a great alternative to Imginn.

Smihub Imginn Alternative

It has a huge range of features and is very easy to download Instagram videos and pictures from your Instagram account.

Smihub has many options to choose from, and few of these are available for free, and the site is costless. As a consequence, IG users will be able to increase their audience. 

2. Instagram Scraper API

Instagram Scraper API is another alternative to Imginn. It is one of the best tools which simplifies things for its users and can collect data in real-time from famous public Instagram accounts.

Instagram Scraper API to Scrape Instagram

The Instagram Scraper API collects and saves public Instagram data in a database. On this site, you can explore many things and get information about the public profile of any individual. The user can use a website or script which supports JSON data format.

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3. Picuki

Picuki is another platform that can be a good replacement for Imginn. It is available for free and is used mostly for Instagram. The users can edit and browse Instagram content even without having to log in.

Picuki Instagram editor and viewer

Picuki lets you download, view and download stories anonymously. You can also read comments and see the number of likes on a photo.

4. QoobStories

QoobStories is an excellent alternative for Imginn. As a user, you can choose the videos from the account you want to download.

QoobStories is a Instagram Downloader. It very similar to Imginn

You can browse through Instagram stories and instantly save any media you see, that too without revealing your identity.

QoobStories download and check the latest material automatically by the QoobStories. You can safeguard your photos and movies by backing them up.

Your account will be backed up and in case you delete it, or anything happens to it, you can get back all your data.

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5. Inflact

Inflact is the best website available to anonymously view Instagram stories and a good Imginn alternative. It also lets you save pictures and videos of various Instagram handles even without having to create an account on the site.

Inflact Alternative to imginn.com

With Inflact, you can automatically save Instagram stories from any public account at no extra cost. Inflact works on any type of device and without having to install any third-party application. Thus, you should give it a try and see the magic yourself.

6. FastSave

FastSave is globally used for browsing and downloading videos and photos from IG users without paying for anything and you can watch them later without the internet.

FastSave Instagram Video Photo Downloader

It is a good Imginn alternative that lets people from across the world quickly find the Instagram handles of their choice, and also download any videos or photos they want for free.

Through FastSave you can download files for viewing videos and photos offline. And with just a few taps, you can also repost these photos or videos.

It also features easy browsing, great security, and a rapid download speed for your desired items.

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7. InStalker

Since we are talking about stories viewing and downloading, InStalker is an app that acts as an excellent alternative to Imginn and helps you look at the stories and the profile of anyone anonymously.

You cannot download anything but easily view profiles without other people knowing that you have just stalked them.

InStalker allows you to sign up for a subscription to the app within it. With the paid version, you will get access to many more useful features. And if you don’t want to pay, you can still use it and enjoy some of its services. 

8. InstaStories

InstaStories is another great alternative to Imginn, where you can anonymously browse and view photos from any user you wish to see.

Insta Stories Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer Like Imginn

All you require to do is to just type the username in the search bar and tap on the search icon for getting the results. 

The system will do the rest once you enter the desired username in the search bar. You can add usernames to the list of your favorites and get instant access to them whenever you want.

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9. Dumpor

Dumpor is a website very similar to Imginn which lets you browse and download Instagram stories, photos, videos, and views of users without revealing your identity.

Instagram story viewer anonymously - Online view profiles, reels, stories IG, followers, tagged posts. Best insta viewer and stalker

Dumpor has a simple interface that lets you search for any Instagram account with a profile, tag, and location by just typing in the search bar.

Some of its prominent features are anonymously browsing, downloading content, seeing profiles, likes, comments, followers, etc.

10. 4K Stogram

Whether you want to download Instagram pictures, stories, or videos of users, 4K Stogram is present for you. When compared to Imginn, it works similarly but has other additional features too.

4K Stogram Imginn Alternatives for Instagram Downloading

4K Stogram makes it possible to effortlessly download stories, hashtags, locations, and other desired media of multiple accounts on Instagram free of cost. 

You will have to just paste the name of the user, location, and hashtag into the app and then tap over the download button for getting things done.

You can instantly save pictures, videos, stories, and other media along with the original captions too. And you can download multiple posts at a time.

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Imginn is a great tool that is used for downloading various Instagram content without registration. But it has a few limitations, like lack of data security and some other risks too.

And considering these things, if not multiple you must have at least one better alternative for Imginn to get similar features and services and be ensured about the safety of your data.

Even if you’re okay with using Immign, it is always good to have some knowledge about a few of its best alternatives, and who knows you may actually find them better and more secure than Immgin.

In the article, we listed and discussed the top 10 alternatives to Immign to use. And after reading the article, you will now be able to learn about the various good alternatives to Immign and if you want you can also choose one wisely according to your preference and requirements.

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