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10 Best Dumpor Alternatives in 2023

Dumpor has been one of the most popular sites, letting you watch stories and pictures of various Instagram handles anonymously and free of cost. You can see the profiles, stories, pictures, videos, IGTV, likes, and comments without revealing your identity.

Why Do You Need to Know About Dumpor Alternatives?

Dumpor is a great site for anonymously watching the content of various Instagram handles. But just like any other site, it also has many disadvantages, and it will be helpful for you to know a few good alternatives.


Some of these alternatives are better than Dumpor, and you can switch to them in the future if you can no longer access Dumpor. Thus it is always good to know some good alternatives, which may be helpful to you, and this article will be very useful to you.

Top 10 Dumpor Alternatives to View Instagram Story Anonymously

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best Dumpor alternatives you can use for watching Instagram stories and pictures anonymously.

1. Pixwok

Pixwok is the best alternative to Dumpor. It is an effortless Instagram viewer where you can view and download everything on Instagram, including stories, photos, and videos that you want. It allows you to view and download it in your own way. 

Pixwok also lets you download or view both public and private account posts and view them offline. Some popular hashtags are Life, Sports, Beauty, Fashion, Art, Travel, and many more. And it functions in a very simple process. Thus, it must be definitely tried.

2. InstaDP

InstaDP is another excellent Dumpor alternative available for free. InstaDP is an all-in-one application that allows you to download Instagram profile pictures, stories, reels, story highlights, and posts. It has an attractive user interface and is very easy to browse.

You have to select what you want to download, enter the Instagram username, click “Get” to view the results, and finally download them. InstaDP provides a quick and easy way to download photos in HD quality.

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3. InstaStories

InstaStories is one of the best Dumpor alternatives. InstaStories allows you to anonymously view stories and posts of any public Instagram account, even without signing up or creating an account. On this Instagram viewer, you can download stories, videos, and photos of various Instagram profiles to your PC, iPhone, or android devices.

To view and download the posts, enter the username in the search bar and click on the search icon to get the results. And apart from this, you can also list your favourite usernames and access them easily whenever you wish. You must give it a try.

4. StoriesIG

StoriesIG is another Instagram story viewer and downloader. StoriesIG is an amazing tool for watching Instagram stories and downloading the media from your Instagram account. You can anonymously watch and download stories for free from any public account. 

StoriesIG has a simple process where you have to enter the username that you want to view or download the photos or other media and then tap on view to get the result. And you can watch stories, highlights, and posts of various Instagram handles even without creating an account.

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5. Izuum

Izuum is another excellent Instagram viewer which functions similarly to Dumpor. It lets you search an Instagram profile and can view and download posts, stories, photos, and videos. You can download everything about the profiles from Instagram without the help of any extension or software. 

With Izuum, you can search for your favourite people just by entering the person’s username without them knowing anything. At present izoomYou is not available on iOS devices.

6. FastSave 

FastSave serves as a great alternative to FastSave is a simple tool that lets you both view and download videos and photos from your intended IG accounts without paying anything.

With FastSave, you can download photos and videos and later watch them offline. You can also republish high-quality photos, videos, and movies with a few clicks. FastSave has easy navigation with a quick download process, and you will not have to lose the original quality.

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7. 4K Stogram 

4K Stogram is a free Instagram profile viewer which has many functions similar to Dumpor. With 4K Stogram, you can easily download Instagram stories, photos, and videos.

You can search the various contents based on hashtags, locations, and names.

In 4K Stogram, you can download any media content from various Instagram accounts by following a simple process.

You need to paste the username, location, and hashtags and finally tap on the download button. You can also save pictures, videos, IGTV, and other media from Instagram.

8. Instalkr

Instalkr is an amazing Instagram viewer site similar to Dumpor for watching different Instagram handles anonymously. And it has many other exciting features you may not see on Dumpor. 

In addition to the users’ stories, Instalkr also allows you to view posts, likes, comments, and subscriptions too. You cannot download all these, but you can view everything without them knowing.

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9. Picuki

Picuki is another great Instagram viewer and one of the best Dumpor alternatives. Picuki allows you to browse Instagram anonymously and edit stories, photos, hashtags, and followers.

Since you can browse without hacking to log in, Picuki is helpful when checking someone’s profile. And many people prefer Picuki over Dumpor as it gives many unique functionalities.

10. Storiesgrams

Storiesgram is another great choice as an alternative to Dumpor for viewing and downloading content from Instagram. It is an easy app that makes it simple to explore various Instagram handles.

Storiesgrams lets you watch and download stories, IGTV posts, reels, and other media without revealing your identity.

You can download the content just with one click and without any effort. In addition, you can download most things without having to create an account.

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Dumpor is one of the top applications for watching and downloading stories, pictures, and videos of various Instagram handles. You can do this without revealing your identity and for free of cost. Thus it is really a good site and works smoothly.

But it is always good to know about a few alternatives with similar functions. And from the list, you can choose one which will meet most of your requirements. If sometime in the future, Dumpor will be inaccessible or will not function as smoothly as it currently does. 

But since there are numerous alternatives for watching and downloading Instagram content for free of cost, it becomes difficult to choose the best. Thus, through this article, you will have learned about the 10 best alternatives to Dumpor, which you should try to watch and download the Instagram content of various persons.


Can you download Instagram stories anonymously?

Yes, you can download Instagram stories anonymously.

How do you download Instagram stories anonymously?

You can download Instagram stories anonymously by downloading an application.

Can you download Instagram stories from a private account?

No, you cannot download Instagram stories from a private account.



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